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Election Day: What Public Employees Need to Know On November 6

It’s often said that each election is more important than the previous, and this year, it couldn’t be any truer. From the presidential to the US Senate to the state legislature and the different propositions, each and every race affects public employees and it is absolutely critical that we vote.

Election day is Tuesday, November 6, and the polls are open from 6AM-7PM. If you are in line at 7PM, you must be allowed to vote, though it is advised to go earlier in the day to avoid long lines.
As for voting, when it comes to the presidential race, AFSCME has endorsed President Obama for reelection. The fact is, public employees can’t afford a Mitt Romney presidency, especially when he advocates for tax breaks for the rich and tax hikes for working families. Mitt Romney has also stated that he is in favor of national Right-to-Work-for-Less legislation, just like Gov. Scott Walker used to attack public workers in Wisconsin last year.
In the US Senate race in Missouri, Sen. Claire McCaskill is an ally to public workers and deserves your vote. Public employees have a “legitimate” problem with Todd Akin as he is against the rights of public workers to organize, has reiterated time and time again his stance against equal pay for women, and he is against raises for public employees. Sen. Claire McCaskill, on the other hand, is for the right for workers to organize, in favor of equal pay for women, and she is also in favor of tax fairness, having voted to close loopholes that allowed millionaires to avoid paying their fair share in taxes.
At the state level, AFSCME Council 72 PEOPLE recommends:

Governor: Jay Nixon
Lt. Governor: Susan Montee
Attorney General: Chris Koster
Treasurer: Clint Zweifel
Secretary of State: Jason Kander
To find your polling location, visit this website or call the AFSCME office at (573) 635-9145 and we will assist you.


On Election Day, Vote No On Amendment 3

Keep Politics and Politicians out of our Nonpartisan Courts 

More than 70 years ago Missouri voters approved a plan that has become a national model for selecting judges. This system, often referred to as The Missouri Plan, is now used by more than half of the states in the nation after Missouri pioneered this innovative way of selecting judges based on merit and not politics or partisanship.
Amendment 3, which will appear on the November ballot, removes the nonpartisan and nonpolitical elements of the current plan by giving Missouri governors the power to handpick a majority of the commission that selects appellate nominees.
We strongly believe that Amendment 3 would make judges beholden to partisan politicians, as opposed to the current Nonpartisan Court Plan, which allows the constitution and rule of law to guide the administration of justice in Missouri.
Vote NO on Amendment 3.


MCHCP Trustees Vote Not to Hike State Worker Premiums

Sisters & Brothers –

Today, in a victory for state workers across Missouri, the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan Board voted not to increase state workers' premiums or cut their benefits.

When the legislature approved the 2013 budget, it included a cut to funding for MCHCP, though it was not the legislature’s intent to see state workers’ premiums rise. Because of your continued work and dedication, the MCHCP trustees listened to you and Missouri’s budget authorities and have voted to not increase premiums or reduce benefits. With this win, Missouri’s state workers will see their 2% raise go directly into their pockets, and not to an increase in workers’ health care costs.

I speak for state employees across Missouri when I say thank you.

In Solidarity,

Jeff Mazur

AFSCME Council 72 Endorses Gina Walsh for Senate District 13

Jefferson City, Mo. – The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 72 today endorses Gina Walsh for State Senate District 13.  As a life long resident of St. Louis, Rep. Walsh has a record of strong support in the legislature for North County workers and their families.

“With her demonstrated commitment to protecting critical public services, creating jobs, and protecting Missouri’s veterans, seniors, and our most vulnerable citizens, AFSCME members are confident in Rep. Walsh’s leadership and look forward to working with her in the Missouri Senate,” said Michelle Mason, President of Local 2730 which includes Bellefontaine Habilitation Center.  “Rep. Walsh clearly knows the hard work and dedication public workers put into their jobs and is prepared to be our advocate in Jefferson City."


As an active member of Asbestos Workers Local #1, Rep. Walsh also understands that the rights of workers to organize and collectively bargain are essential, and that workers need strong voices both on the job and in the halls of government in order to secure safe workplaces.  As a state representative, Walsh fought to protect workers’ constitutional rights to collectively bargain, and Missouri AFSCME members know Rep. Walsh will continue to fight for workers’ rights and stand against attacks such as Right-to-Work and Paycheck Deception as the 13th District’s next senator.