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The New "Everything Tax" is Bad for Missouri


As you read this article, there is a proposal making its way through Missouri that will have a devastating impact on your finances. It’s called the Everything Tax and it would create a sweeping new tax on nearly everything you buy.

The Everything Tax is being circulated as a proposed amendment to the Missouri state constitution and it would replace the state income tax with a new, 10-percent, statewide sales tax that increases the tax you pay on most everything you buy, every day. Milk, bread, groceries, emergency room visits, in-home care costs, and car repairs for example are all taxed.

Needless to say, the Everything Tax will hit senior citizens especially hard. First, most senior citizens don’t pay any income tax to begin with, so eliminating it does nothing for them. Second, seniors tend to live on a fixed income and the Everything Tax would create a new expense they can’t afford by taxing their groceries, emergency room visits, and in-home care.

In addition, the Everything Tax makes an already bad budget situation in the Show Me State worse. First of all, sales tax revenues in Missouri have been decreasing over the last five years, not increasing. Tying the state’s budget to a decreasing pot of money is bad fiscal policy. Second, and perhaps more importantly, creating a new, 10-percent, statewide sales tax to replace the state income tax will result in a massive budget shortfall. When fully implemented in 2016, the Everything Tax will create a shortfall of $3.2 billion, forcing cuts to crucial programs like Medicaid.

A newly formed coalition, the Coalition for Missouri’s Future, is working to defeat the Everything Tax and you can help. Visit our website at and while you’re there, sign up for our e-mail list and, if you can, volunteer to help us out down the road. The other side will have millions to spend on this, but we have the power of the millions of Missourians. We just need your help to harness it.

This article is by Richard Martin and James Moody who are the leaders of the Coalition for Missouri’s Future. AFSCME Council 72 is a member of the Coalition for Missouri’s Future.

Building a Stronger Union

Early this morning, AFSCME leaders from Missouri and Kansas started streaming into a conference center in Mid Missouri, excited and ready to continue building and growing the Union.  Sharing tips that have assisted members from Nevada to Farmington, St Joseph to Fulton, and Kansas City to St Louis in organizing for power, the energy in the room is one of momentum that can't be stopped.

Debbie Kistner, president of Local 622 in Nevada, told of organizing new members who see what the union is doing to fight back for workers' rights.  From North Kansas City Local 3820 we've heard powerful stories of standing up and fighting back against forces that would have done away with the union.

Above all, we are hearing of the determination from leaders to continue developing a strong, powerful union that builds a community in the workplace, enables workers with the skills to increase membership and putting in place a clear vision for setting goals and putting action plans in place to achive those goals.

When your leaders return to your local, ask them what they learned this weekend and how you, too, can be more involved in the Union. 

We're stronger together!


From Wisconsin to Wall Street

With the Occupy Wall Street protests resonating with citizens across the country calling for a fair economy and for the 1% to pay their fair share, an AFSCME brother from Wisconsin headed to Wall Street.  This is what he found:


To get more involved with Occupy actions in Missouri, check out Occupy St. Louis, Occupy Kansas City and Occupy Springfield.

AFSCME Missouri-Kansas Council Endorses Jason Kander for Secretary of State

An aggressive advocate for middle-class Missourians, Rep. Jason Kander is the best candidate for the office of Secretary of State

Jefferson City, Mo. – The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 72 today announced its endorsement of State Representative Jason Kander for Secretary of State.  As a member of the legislature, Rep. Kander has been a fierce advocate for the hard-working citizens of Missouri and has voted to protect high-quality, vital services for taxpayers.

“Throughout his career, Jason Kander has consistently focused on protecting and creating jobs and advocating for middle-class Missourians,” said Jeff Mazur, executive director of AFSCME Council 72.  “As Secretary of State, Jason will undoubtedly continue his work by fighting for the civic rights of everyday folks, protecting the investments of Missouri workers and providing diligent service to our state’s businesses.”

A champion for Missouri workers, Representative Kander knows the issues they and their families face.  He has battled on the front lines of protecting workers as a legal advocate, developing a compelling track record of protecting Missouri wage-earners. 

His service in the U.S. Army, in the Missouri general assembly and as a member of the Missouri Veterans Commission demonstrate a true dedication to public service.  As Secretary of State, Rep. Kander is certain to continue fighting for all Missouri’s citizens with the same vigor and energy he has brought to his military service, law practice and legislative responsibilities.

“AFSCME members are incredibly impressed by Representative Kander and the work he has done in the legislature for his constituents and to keep jobs in Missouri,” said AFSCME Local 3453 President Travis Case.  “We look forward to his continued work on behalf of public workers and working Missourians in the Secretary of State’s office.”

AFSCME Council 72 is the affiliate of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees for the states of Missouri and Kansas. Council 72 is the exclusive bargaining representative for more than 20,000 public servants who work for the state, counties, municipalities and other political subdivisions. Council 72 also represents a large and growing number of workers who provide home care and childcare services in their communities.  We work for justice in the workplace and advocate for prosperity and opportunity for all our states' working families. We not only stand for fairness at the bargaining table — we fight for fairness at the ballot box and in the halls of government.